Avoid queueing at Casa Batlló!!!

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

We have the ideal solution for those who want to visit Casa Batlló on their own but don’t want to suffer long queues or waste time buying tickets. Allow us to buy the tickets for you, leave them at your hotel’s reception and arrange a delicious lunch. The time to enter Casa Batlló is flexible but you must respect the time specified for the restaurant’s reservation (13:00/1pm).

About Casa Batlló

Antoni Gaudí totally restored this building between 1904 and 1906. The architect developed the integral reform of the previous building, built 30 years before, with innovative techniques and freedom of creativity.

Gaudí added the balconies and the main platform. The architect made improvements in Batlló family’s flat, made the main courtyard bigger searching for more sunlight and built two more floors.

Batlló House inspires happiness because Gaudi based his design on color, nature and legends. The columns look like human bones. Balconies look like skulls or carnival masks. The roof has scales like a huge dragon. All the facade is covered by mosaic, an usual element in Modernism.

Casa Batlló is Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO since 2005.

-  Ticket/s to Casa Batlló

-  Traditional spanish lunch

-  NO GUIDED VISIT. The customer visits the monument on his own

-  We’ll refund the cost of the activity if it’s cancelled 6 days or more before the tour date. There won’t be any refund if the cancellation is made 5 days before the tour date or less. (* We buy the tickets and book the restaurant 5 days before the activity and we cannot return the tickets once they’re bought)

-  Booking must be done at least 5 days before the tour date.

-  THIS IS NOT A GUIDED TOUR. We provide tickets and all the information about the monument and the restaurant, arrange the timetable to visit the monument and include a typical spanish top quality meal (THE MEAL IS ALREADY ORDERED AND PAID. The customers will identify themselves as Pyrene’s customers and will say they have a reservation).

-  There’s no an assigned time to enter Casa Batlló. You can visit the building anytime during the opening hours on the booked date (9:00 to 20:00 h)

-  Free entrance for kids younger than 7 years old. Please, let us know if you’re coming with kids that age.

-  The customer will inform us of any specification about food (vegetarian, allergies...)

-  From time to time, cultural events could affect opening times for Cultural Visits, leading on rare occasions to a planned closure at 2.00 pm. We’ll let you know when that happens.

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