Skip the queues to enter Parc Güell!

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

We have the ideal solution for those who want to visit Parc Güell on their own but don’t want to suffer long queues or waste time buying tickets. Allow us to buy the tickets for you, leave them at your hotel’s reception and arrange a delicious lunch.

THIS IS NOT A GUIDED TOUR but we make things really easier for you if you want to visit Parc Güell. It’s very important that you respect the date and time of the visit or you won’t be allowed to enter the park.

The schedule is as it follows:

OPTION ONE (Morning visit to Parc Güell)

-  Parc Güell, 10:00h (10:00 am)

-  Delicious Spanish Lunch 13:00h (1:00 pm)

OPTION TWO (afternoon/evening visit to Parc Güell)

-  Delicious Spanish Lunch 13:00h (1:00pm)

-  Parc Güell, 14:30h (2:30 pm)

About Parc Güell

Güell Park was designed by Antonio Gaudí, in his greatest period of splendor and creativity. The park was originally conceived by businessman Eusebi Güell (Gaudí’s sponsor) as a complex of luxury manor houses including all the technological advances of that period mixed with modernist decoration. But the project was unsuccesful and nobody wanted to live there.

Park Güell was built between 1900 and 1914. Gaudí’s touch is everywhere: The curved ways like rivers of lava, boulevards with columns which look like trees, stalactites and geometric forms, mosaics, stained glass windows, caves... After the dead of Eusebi Güell in 1918 his heirs sold the park to the city council which opened it as a public park in 1926. It’s UNESCO’s Heritage of Humanity since 1984.

-  Ticket/s to Parc Güell

-  Traditional spanish lunch

-  NO GUIDED VISIT. The customer visits the monument on his own

-  We’ll refund the cost of the activity if it’s cancelled 6 days or more before the tour date. There won’t be any refund if the cancellation is made 5 days before the tour date or less. (* We buy the tickets and book the restaurant 5 days before the activity and we cannot return the tickets once they’re bought)

-  Booking must be done at least 5 days before the tour date.

-  THIS IS NOT A GUIDED TOUR. We provide tickets and all the information about the monument and the restaurant, arrange the timetable to visit the monument and include a typical spanish top quality meal (THE MEAL IS ALREADY ORDERED AND PAID. The customers will identify themselves as Pyrene’s customers and will say they have a reservation).

-  Tickets are assigned per time-band, and you can enter the Monumental Zone up to 30 minutes after the assigned start time. For example, if you have a reservation for 10:00, you can enter the precinct up until 10:30. Customers must respect the restaurant’s reservation time for lunch too.

-  Free entrance for kids 0 to 6 years old

-  The customer will inform us of any specification about food (vegetarian, allergies...)

-  Pyrene may change the visiting hour of the monument in case it’s considered neccesary.

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