Avoid queueing at Picasso Museum!

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

We have the ideal solution for those who want to visit on their own the Picasso Museum but don’t want to suffer long queues or waste time buying tickets. Allow us to buy the tickets for you, leave them at your hotel’s reception and arrange a delicious lunch.

THIS IS NOT A GUIDED TOUR but we make things really easier for you if you want to visit the Picasso Museum. It’s very important that you respect the date and time of the visit or you won’t be allowed to visit the monument.

The schedule is as it follows:

OPTION ONE (Morning visit to Picasso Museum)

-  Picasso Museum, 10:00h (10:00 am)

-  Delicious Spanish Lunch 13:00h (1:00 pm)

OPTION TWO (afternoon/evening visit to Picasso Museum)

-  Delicious Spanish Lunch 13:00h (1:00pm)

-  Picasso Museum, 14:30h (2:30 pm)

*A little history about Picasso Museum:

There’s a Picasso Museum in Barcelona thanks to Jaime Sabartés, close friend and secretary of the great painter Pedro Picasso since 1935. Sabartés donated to the city his own collection of Picasso’s pieces of art. After Sabartés’ death, Picasso himself gave 58 paintings based on Las Meninas Velázquez famous painting and a portrait of his secretary dated in 1901.

In 1970 the artist donated more than 920 pieces of art of several styles and technics. The donations continued making the museum more important. In 1982, Picasso’s widow Jacqueline gave around 40 pieces of ceramics. The following year, his heirs made a donation of another 117 engravings. The collection has been completed with other donations from private owners and art galleries.

The Picasso Museum occupies 5 palaces and manor houses built between XIIIth and XIVth centuries and restored mainly in the XVIIIth century. The museum is located in Montcada street, the heart of the medieval Barcelona.

-  Ticket/s to Picasso Museum

-  Delicious typical spanish lunch

-  NO GUIDED VISIT. The customer visits the monument on his own

-  We’ll refund the cost of the activity if it’s cancelled 6 days or more before the tour date. There won’t be any refund if the cancellation is made 5 days before the tour date or less. (* We buy the tickets and book the restaurant 5 days before the activity and we cannot return the tickets once they’re bought)

-  Booking must be done at least 5 days before the tour date.

-  THIS IS NOT A GUIDED TOUR. We provide tickets and all the information about the monument and the restaurant, arrange the timetable to visit the monument and include a typical spanish top quality meal (THE MEAL IS ALREADY ORDERED AND PAID. The customers will identify themselves as Pyrene’s customers and will say they have a reservation).

-  The customers must be at the specified hours at the monument’s entrance or they won’t be allowed to enter.They have to respect the restaurant’s reservation time for lunch.

-  The customer will inform us of any specification about food (vegetarian, allergies...)

-  Pyrene may change the hours to visit the monuments in case it’s considered neccesary. If the monument is close to the public on the requested date, we’ll suggest a different monument to visit.

-  This tour is NOT AVAILABLE on the following dates: Mondays, december 25th and 26th, january 1st, may 1st and june 24th.

-  On december 24th and december 31st, only the MORNING OPTION is available.

There is no available date

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