Walkingtour Granada, Historical city-centre and Albayzin.

Granada, Andalusia, Spain

We walk through the historical city centre, nearby the Cathedral ensemble. This is the area of Granada with the most notable urban planning transformation after the Spanish Reconquest, with buildings such as the Cathedral, Royal Chapel, the Alcaicería (Silk Market), Madraza (Koran School) and the High Court. Besides, we have chosen the low skirt of the Albaicín to represent the Moslem Granada before the end of the Spanish Reconquest, together with the evoking Carrera del Darro (the Darro Course). This area is part of the World Heritage since 1994. Between these two quarters: Gran Vía Street, which reflects the modernist changes of the 19th Century.

The walking tour “From Islam into Christianity” illustrates important historical facts of our city covering: the figures of the Catholic Monarchs and Charles V, the Alhambra and Generalife, the Moorish tragedy, the Mudejar style, the Albayzín Quarter past and present, the urban infrastructure and the hydraulic system, the Carmenes of Granada and other typical constructions, the legends, the Darro river and its natural environment, the 19th Century and the modern city.

The walking tour passes through the historical city centre of Granada, which is mainly pedestrian. It is a circular route of approximately 1 ½ miles (about 2 km.) and it takes about two and a half hours. The degree of difficulty is low and the itinerary is adapted to all ages.


Plaza Bib—Rambla, Main Entrance Cathedral, Royal Chapel, Madrasa, Alcaicería (old Bazaar) Corral del Carbón, Monument of Isabel la Católica y Cristopher Columbus, Albayzin, Street of Teahouses and moorish shops, Viewpoint Alhambra at Carvajales, Arab house of Zafra (subjected to opening times) Bañuelo, old Hammam (subjected to opening times), Carrera del Darro, Plaza Nueva, Real Chancillería and Santa Ana.

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