Magic Mountains Route

Ezkurra, Navarre, Spain

There are around 40 prehistoric monuments registered in the area (dolmens, menhirs, cromlechs and gravestones) This is doubtless one of the most magical and mysterious route where we meet our oldest ancestors.

This tour is one of the most beautiful hill ranges of our geography, both landscape and culturally speaking, and it links Mounts Erakurri and Mendaur.

Eskain (translated as offering or sacrifice) area is located next to Mount Erakurri. Its several cromlech show that powerful ancient tribes used the area as crematorium and cemetery 5.000 years ago. The most remarkable one dominates the hillock. The path towards Mount Elazmuño crosses the circle of stones, following the old transhumance route.

This high cromlech made of big stones is the clearest expression of the cultural power these constructions had for our ancestors long time ago.

The old roads have been kept until nowadays. The routes walked by men thousands of years ago are the same ones we’ll follow now looking for the strategic mountains passes.

Without doubt the night and the reflection of the stones overflow the visitors’ adrenaline.

Following the path we’ll get to other prehistoric jewel: Iruñarri menhir. It’s 3 meters high and it’s located in an astronomical studied position. Its shape creates human-like silhouttes always changing as the sun and the moon move.

To fully understand this meeting with the past it’s important to listen carefully to legends and myths surrounding these monuments that print a sacred and magical character to these mountains.


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