Aldapas Route

Ezkurra, Navarre, Spain

This route follows the “txendas” (trails) and crossings used by the inhabitants of the region to this day. The path runs along areas known by locals as “aldapa” (very steep hillsides). The locals cut there grass, wood, ferns, ash branches… to feed the herds.

Along this tour we’ll visit the zip-lines used to transport materials to the village or hamlets. We’ll learn the complexity of those works.

The route intends to raise awareness of the amazing recovery of a natural area if people don’t intervene.  

We’ll go on walking among beech forests passing through another gem: “Hartzanzulo” area (bear’s cave) It’s easy to imagine why bears and other animals hibernated calmly in this difficult-to-access area.

Passing through the beech forests we’ll arrive to a shelter where we’ll be able to relive the sensations around the fireplace.

Once our apettite is satisfied we’ll go back to the village through the woods and hamlets.


100% refund if the tour is canceled more than 3 days befote the tour.

No refund if the tour is canceled 3 days before the tour or less.

Free activity for children from 0 to 12 years old.

The routes and their duration will be adapted to the profile of the group according to the needs and expectations of the participants.

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