Gentilzulo Route

Ezkurra, Navarre, Spain

The route starts from the village and leads us to the zip-lines that helped the inhabitants’ daily works in these difficult mountains.

We’ll follow the trail passing by a “errota” (basque for mill) where besides grounding corn, the energy required to provide electric light to the houses in the village.

Chatting with the elders in the village we’ll learn the stories of people who took care of that work.

Shortly afterwards we’ll arrive to a perfectly preserved limestone quarry. The production of lime in its limekilm was very important for the fields and houses not long ago.

Next to the limestone quarry there’re the “gentilzulos” (gentiles’ caves) where no christianized people lived. They weren’t in touch with the other inhabitants living in the village so they earned a bad reputation. Stories and legend about them spreaded in these lands until around a hundred years ago.

Later we’ll relax visiting “Matxitxulo” area where an amazingly beautiful stream and waterfall are located. The best time to enjoy the beauty and greenness of this landscape is after heavy rains.

We’ll go back to the village enjoying wonderful panoramic views.

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Free activity for children from 0 to 12 years old.

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