Ezkurra Spring

Ezkurra, Navarre, Spain

The Ezkurra river is born near the port of Ezkurra mountain pass. The river course turns east and when arrives to Santesteban, joins the Baztán River creating the Bidasoa River. It flows into the Cantabric Sea (Atlantic Ocean) in Txigundi Bay, near Híguer Cape, in the France Border.

Malerreka Valley (Water Valley) is the name of the lands watered by the Ezkurra river and its tributaries.

Along with visiting the caves where this rivers are born, I want with this route that you experience the ways of life in this valleys, country houses, meadows... in perfect harmony with the surrounding nature and with the special importance of the great amount of springs and streams that flow from our beloved mountains. They become our well-kept and protected reservoirs.



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