Pilotasoro Route

Ezkurra, Navarre, Spain

This route is a 2 or 3 centuries ago time travel when the inhabitants created a kind of metropolis in this land because the events that took place and the ways of life at that time.

This “metropolis” is made up of a blacksmith’s, including the furnaces and the industrial framework for the production of cannons and bullets for the Carlist War.

The rudimentary mines where iron was extracted from, the hermitage, coal mines to produce the coal for the furnaces and others spaces such as the “Pilotasoro” (handball court). The Pilotasoro was the place of entertainment for the inhabitants of this metropolis (blacksmith’s workers, coal miners, shephers...)  

These impressive ruins located in the convergence of two rivers and the amazing work done by Nature in these mountains have hidden this place. So we feel we’re discovering the traces of a different civilisation.

The route continues following the steps of José Antonio Muñagorri (extraordinary figure during the I Carlist War) He coined the phrase “Paz y Fueros” (Peace and Regional Laws) The tour arrives to Pilotasoro where carlists and liberals (“txapelgorris”) fought. Muñagorri was shot in front of his wife and baby son.

We’ll follow the “txenda” until we arrive to an spectacular natural viewpoint where we can admire the high landscape value of valleys with no human presence.

We’ll return following the traces of water and canals or the ironed-water springs whose red color gave rise to many legends and interpretations.


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