The Water tour

Ezkurra, Navarre, Spain

The tour follows the edge of the canal by a narrow trail (“txenda” in euskera) acommpanying the calm trip of the pure and fresh water without almost never losing sight of the water course.

The route runs along an amazing canyon with wonderful nature surrounding. The adrenaline level will increase the same as the level of water.

New travellers will join the tour while we reach waterfalls and streams.

These mountains are full of little tunnels carved to obtain the iron for the blacksmith’s. Today, abandoned for more than a century, ony some loading platforms and zip-lines can be seen not without help due to the difficulty of the terrain. Help is needed cause vegetation has taken over the place.

It’s possible to return by the same way so you see the same landcapes from a different perspective or you can go back through beech forests, huts and meadows enjoying this ancient and emblematic place.


We'll refund the whole cost of the tour if it's canceled until 3 days before the tour date.

There's no refund if the tour is canceled during the last 72 hours before the tour date.

Free activity for kids until 12 years old

Routes adapted to the profile of the Group. The duration of the activity is also adapted to the needs and expectations of the participants. 

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