Delicious Tapas Tour in Seville

Seville, Andalusia, Spain

For many visitors to Seville, going out for tapas is the quintessential Spanish experience. On this 3-hour tour you will be taken to the best local bodegas and tapas bars where you can try the best tapas. From the most traditional tapas to tapas with a modern twist, all the places will leave you asking for more. And of course it makes perfect sense to accompany all this tapas with a good glass of wine. The tour guide will help you discover the aromas and flavors of the best wines to go with the mouth-watering Spanish cuisine.

There are several routes to choose from:

• Triana Route: According to many residents of the Triana neighborhood, crossing to this side of the river is like entering another city. This neighborhood is famous for being one of the birthplaces of flamenco and many of Seville's great bullfighters. Here you will find countless bars and taverns where you can sample some of the most traditional tapas in Seville.

• Alternative Route: In the 1980s this neighborhood was one of the most troubled in the city with a great number of brothels. Today, it is a center for culture and boasts the most alternative atmosphere in the city making it a great place to discover interesting and modern tapas that push the boundaries of this cuisine to new heights.

• Traditional Grocer's Store Route: This traditional concept that was considered old and unexciting a few years ago, has come back to be the new thing. Many of these enticing grocer's stores have popped up all over the city offering great quality tapas, particularly cold meats, conserves, and select cheeses.

• Cured Ham Route: The star of Spanish cuisine, you will find cured hams hanging in most bars and restaurants in Seville. On this route you can try the finest regional hams and learn a bit more about this essential and valuable ingredient of Spanish gastronomy. 

Some of the highlights of the tour:

- Gain an insight into life in Spain as you visit the carefully selected tapas bars and bodegas

- Get to know each historical neighborhood in Seville and its different atmosphere, and learn the difference between Triana and Seville

- Learn much about Seville, the customs, feasts, people, food, likes, and dislikes, and the social and political situation

- Enjoy the delicious tapas and Spanish wine

• Professional guide
• 4 drinks and 4 tapas
• Visit to 3-5 bars
• Map of Seville with personal insider tips

• Hotel pick-up and drop off

Please note:
Other languages such as French or German are available upon request.

Feel free to let us know if you would like to have a more personalized tour or a combination of this tour with other activities, tours, or workshops that we offer.…

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